Motoryacht ELYSIAN

2021: We had been looking at upgrading our cellular system onboard for a few months, and after much deliberating, we decided to go with the Meridian system. Having now cruised with the system onboard for the past 5 months, I am extremely happy with the decision we made.

We chose to install the modems in our existing VSAT dome. As we already had a spare network cable run to the dome, installation was simple and done by the crew in less than a day. One of the big advantages is that we did not need to install an “antenna farm” and therefore have no issues with signal loss with long coax cable runs. lt also has the added benefit of being at the highest point on our mast, which I can only assume assists with range.

We have had positive results in every location we have cruised in the past 5 months, which include: West Palm Beach, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, USVI, Antigua and St Vincent & the Grenadines. The range and speeds naturally vary from cell tower to cell tower, but in general we have been able to have a fast and reliable connection for guests and crew.

The support has been great, and the team are always available to assist to ensure that we are connected to the optimum bands available for the given location.
I would highly recommend the Meridian system and if someone is thinking of making the change, I would be happy to answer any more specific questions that anyone may have.

90m Motoryacht

2021: I have been using the Meridian systems for years now, and we just upgraded to their DOME system (Panel Version) in January.

Very happy with the performance in the Caribbean. Seeing good speeds even at 60km offshore in Saint Vincent Grenadines & ABC Islands.

Just had multiple kids & adults on Zoom/home school meetings at the same time and all worked without any issues.

Our guests also use Peloton Bike and the video stream was lagging on VSAT. But it runs seamlessly without any interruption on Meridian’s DOME system which made guests very happy.

I also like the new admin console. Clean interface, works very well and responds instantly.


2020: Conference calls became more important than ever, and our Pepwave connection dropping out, Zoom conference calls constantly stalled. I found Meridian’s dome, the concept made a lot of sense, and it delivered more than expected.

We had coverage in Albania at 75km away from the nearest tower (we were still connected to Wind in Italy) and got 50 Mbps down. I am more than impressed and highly recommend their product and service (they have exceptional service and support).

See the speed test done by Apostrophe here.

Motoryacht LADY JADE

2020: I am so pleased that we have Meridian 5G provider for internet service onboard MY Lady Jade. This is our 3rd season using their services.

We installed their new DOME system several weeks ago in Sardinia (mid June), installation was quick, went well and my internet service has been excellent. My guests do a lot of video calls, video streaming and have had no problems with buffering.

Range offshore – the maximum distance was 46,3 NM, it was good enough for emails, grab files download, etc … we do not have VSat.

We also subscribe to Meridian’s bonding and support package. Service is why I use Meridian in the first place and they never let me down.

Whenever we have areas where networks are overloaded and the speed drops temporarily, it happens rarely but Meridian is coming with ideas about swapping networks, adjustments… I recommend it to anyone.

Motoryacht RADIANT

2019: We’ve had Meridian 4G’s technology since early 2015 when Julian was still with CELLweaver and followed him when he left to form Meridian 4G. Over years we’ve relied on Julian’s expertise as well as his technology that without doubt outperforms any other 4G device out there. Very happy with the service, technology stays up-to-date keeping up with changes and improvements by cellular operators.

2016: We’ve tried various other SIM based 4G routers and such onboard Radiant and they all had downsides which outnumbered the benefits. For that reason we were reluctant to try yet another technology at first due to our understanding of GSM networks and how intermittent they can be. Meridian 4G system really impressed us and is the only solution that truly works.


2019: We cruise Europe, Middle East and Indian Ocean and make use of Meridian 4G’s aggregator and signal amplifier technology exclusively while near shore or cruising the coast lines. The aggregator pair provide low latency high speed internet to Owners and Guests with a dedicated aggregator for each.

Motoryachts Nirvana and Barbara cruise together and have an identical Meridian 4G setup onboard.

Motoryacht LAUREL

2019: We subscribed to Meridian’s service following advice of our Chief Engineer who had Meridian’s service onboard his former boat. Quick installation in the middle of the season. We got about 20 miles offshore with our system. Game-changing speed and responsiveness, pages load instantly, guests are super happy! Highly recommend to anyone, support is truly exceptional.

Motoryacht Joy

2019: Motor Yacht Joy is a busy dual season commercial charter yacht. She is 70m LOA, 1095gt and launched at Feadship RVL in June 2016.

Joy has a Meridian 4G aggregator device aboard, with world-wide LTE/4G/3G coverage. Meridian 4G also provide support, firmware and data centre resources.

We are very happy indeed with the data speed and connectivity of the system. We have found it very reliable for guest internet provision on particular. System support from Meridian 4G is very fast and effective. Julian himself often taking the lead in answering questions and offering help.

I am very happy to recommend the company and service to potential clients and confirm that we rely on the system and use far less V-SAT data because of it.

Motoryacht POLARIS

2019: Julian is a rare find in yachting when it comes to technical expertise, and we can’t recommend his technology enough. He makes 4G work onboard superyachts, and it is not only about the device. He helped us ensure that all parts that matter work together – from antennas being in the right places without blockage to ensuring that our overall IT setup is tuned up for optimal performance.

Motoryacht PELORUS

2016: Full HD streams on Apple TV play with zero buffer time. Jetstream plays faultlessly at its highest bitrate (something I have never seen on any other connection). Youtube/Vimeo streams load and play instantly. Even when playing in 4K! The time between hitting enter and a webpage loading is milliseconds as opposed to the normal delay of 3-4 seconds when using VSAT.