Coverage 60 miles offshore

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Addressing latest innovation made possible by cellular networks our DOME Router eliminates the need for coax cables and combines all 4G & 5G equipment a vessel needs into one compact dome.

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Modeled after an iPhone. Built for a superyacht.

Your iPhone doesn’t have long coax cables between the antennas and the router. Such coax cables cause 80% signal loss.
Your iPhone has 4 antennas and 1 modem inside. And its modem uses full signal of all 4 antennas.
To eliminate signal loss you need to eliminate long coax cables and put the antennas right next to the router.

5G DOME Router

4 Modems

One iPhone would not be enough for the needs of a superyacht. You need at least 4 modems to handle all the load. Why you need 4 modems

16 Antennas

Each modern modem requires 4 antennas for optimal performance. Meridian’s DOME consists of 4 panels designed similarly to an iPhone, eliminating signal loss. 4 panels x 4 antennas = 16 Why you need 16 antennas

No coax cables

Built in panels, Meridian’s DOME is a complete 4G/5G router. You don’t need any other below deck router or coax cables to run.

SIM extender

You can choose between 16 and 64 SIM card extenders so you don't have to climb the mast to change SIM cards.
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There are two installation options available: you can install the dome system into one of your existing and operational VSAT or TVRO domes, or you can install it as a standalone dome.
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Worldwide coverage

Our dome systems cover all worldwide bands - Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Each iPhone since XS model has 4x4 MiMo, and that made it way faster than its predecessor. Learn more here.

Connection bonding


Allows to merge connections from multiple modems into one super-fast stream making overall connection stronger. Learn more here.

Our X2 DOME router system is a smaller version of the X4 model that is meant to serve vessels that don't have as much internet load.

Similarly to the X4 DOME system, X2 DOME doesn't require any coax cables and is an easy self-install that can fit into an existing and operational VSAT or TVRO dome.

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