Installation Options

There are two installation options for the DOME Router system:
standalone dome
panel version retrofitted inside a yacht’s existing and operational VSAT or TVRO dome.
Each version can be installed with a SIM extender.

The only cables you need to install the DOME system are:
– 1 Ethernet cable – to connect the system to your ship’s network. Same cable is used for the SIM extender.
– Power supply (AC or DC)

Panel version

This version is built for installations inside yachts’ existing and operational VSAT or TVRO domes. Such installations do not create any interference with the dish inside, as long as the dome is at least 130cm in diameter.
Existing domes usually have power available and only require an ethernet cable run to the ship’s network (if there is no spare one there yet).

Here is a video of an installation done by the crew inside a VSAT dome (please note, you would normally use brackets to attach the panels to the inner sides of the dome, as shown in the next video; we choose to show this video first as it show the dish moving as well):

Here is a video of an installation done by the crew inside a TVRO dome:

Download technical specifications – Panel version
Download installation manual – Panel version

SEE INSTALLATION EXAMPLESHere are examples showing in what domes some of our clients installed the panel version of the DOME router system

Standalone dome

Our standalone dome is identical in performance to the panel version and is built for yachts that prefer or require a separate dome installation.

Here is a video showing the inside components of the dome. Please note you would not have to remove the cover of the dome to insert SIM cards. You can also order a Remote SIM Extender.

Download technical specifications – Standalone version
Download installation manual – Standalone version

User Interface

This is a user interface of the system. There is also a PDF version available for easy reference.