Motoryacht MUSASHI

During sea trials once under way I ran some basic speed tests using Ookla.

Musashi 1 (PS) connected to the US datacentre hit a max speed of 90mbps down at approximately 15nm from the closest point of land.

Musashi 2 (SB) connected to the UK datacentre hit a max download speed of 222mbps at approximately the same range!

In reality of course it’s much further because they are connecting to cell towers further inland.


2020: Conference calls became more important than ever, and our Pepwave connection dropping out, Zoom conference calls constantly stalled. I found Meridian’s DOME, the concept made a lot of sense, and it delivered more than expected.

We had coverage in Albania at 75km away from the nearest tower (we were still connected to Wind in Italy) and got 50 Mbps down. I am more than impressed and highly recommend their product and service (they have exceptional service and support).

Motoryacht NOMAD

M/Y NOMAD installed the Panel Version of our 5G DOME Router in their STB dome. Installing the Panel Version is the easiest and most common way of installation as in only takes a couple of hours. Oceanfast, 70m