Motoryacht LADY JADE

2020: I am so pleased that we have Meridian 5G provider for internet service onboard MY Lady Jade. This is our 3rd season using their services.

We installed their new DOME system several weeks ago in Sardinia (mid June), installation was quick, went well and my internet service has been excellent. My guests do a lot of video calls, video streaming and have had no problems with buffering.

Range offshore – the maximum distance was 46,3 NM, it was good enough for emails, grab files download, etc … we do not have VSat.

We also subscribe to Meridian’s bonding and support package. Service is why I use Meridian in the first place and they never let me down.

Whenever we have areas where networks are overloaded and the speed drops temporarily, it happens rarely but Meridian is coming with ideas about swapping networks, adjustments… I recommend it to anyone.