5G: Why you need 16 antennas

Antennas dilemma: Historically, each modem required 1 antenna. Then modems evolved and could benefit from using signal from 2 antennas. Nowadays, each modem can use 4 antennas like your iPhone’s modem does. Ever wondered why your iPhone is faster than your router?

It is faster because 1) it has 4 antennas inside, 2) it does not share those 4 antennas with other modems, 3) it does not have long coax cables (more than 80% of the signal from the antenna is lost in the coax cable run between the antennas above deck and a regular cellular router).

Since you need 4 modems to accommodate high bandwidth requirements of a superyacht you need 16 antennas (4 per modem).

It is quite complicated to install 16 antennas onboard a yacht, especially if you would have to run 16 coax cables leading to a router with 4 modems.

Solution: That is why Meridian 5G came out with a specialized DOME Router that has 4 antennas attached to every modem without the need for coax cables. As the solution provides 4 modems it cumulatively provides full signal from 16 antennas. As a result, it allows to extend coverage offshore up to 50 nautical miles.

It can be installed inside a yacht’s existing VSAT or TVRO dome in 4 panels (each panel would have 1 modem and 4 antennas inside), or you can also install the system as a small Standalone DOME.
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