New version of our 5G DOME Router system

Per multiple requests, we released a smaller, less expensive version of our signature DOME Router meant to serve vessels that don’t require a lot of internet load.

Similarly to the X4 DOME system, X2 DOME doesn’t require any coax cables, and is an easy self-install that can fit into an existing and operational VSAT or TVRO dome.

Both of our DOMEs come as a package.
Here is what is included in our X2 DOME package:

  • 5G, 4G, 3G compatibility
  • 8 antennas
  • yet it doesn’t require any coax cables run (saving a lot of cost on labor)
  • 2 modems
  • it is an easy self-install (so no cost for installation)
  • it greatly extends coverage offshore without the need for expensive amplifiers

If you wonder why you need 8 antennas – as cellular networks evolved (since iPhone XS times) you need 4 antennas per modem to really take advantage of 5G, as well as 4G.

The more data-hungry users you have onboard, the more modems you need. Running a yacht on a 1 modem device is like running a yacht on one iPhone. Or trying to squeeze a lot of traffic into a one-line highway.

To give you an idea, many yachts above 260 feet install two DOME systems to benefit from 8 modems. Typically, yachts above 160 feet need 4 modems for optimal performance. Yachts smaller than 160 feet greatly vary in the number of users and what the internet is used for. More on that below.

Only you can judge whether you need 2 or 4 lanes on your “highway”. If you choose our 2 modem device you need 2 modems x 4 antennas = 8 antennas.

To put this in perspective – if you were, lets say, to install a Pepwave (HD2 or Transit duo that have 2 modems as well) – you would need to buy antennas. Some antennas combine 2 or 4 inside but they still require coax cable for each. So if there are 4 antennas inside 1 you still need 4 coax cables to be run. Antennas are expensive, running coax cables is expensive, time-consuming and complicated.

For our DOME system you only need to run one network cable that is very flexible and, hence, easy to run. Most boats don’t even need to be in the shipyard to do that.

So if you are comparing costs, take the above into consideration. Our X2 DOME with 2 modems is €9,500, and our X4 DOME with 4 modems is €15,000. No extra costs for installation, antennas, coax cable runs involved.

Our remote SIM extender is €3,000. You may or may not need it – our DOMEs also support an eSim capability that is rapidly becoming available worldwide, with most European and US carriers supporting it already.

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