Motoryacht SAMAR

2021: We used to follow the path of many yachts, using Pepwave devices which simply couldn’t provide reliable and fast enough internet even when in ports. After I did some research, I came across the Meridian 5G router. With fresh approach to the problem, and high bandwidth demand onboard yachts in mind, Meridian team created a modern, superyacht-specific solution utilizing 4 sim cards bonding.

As many ETOs onboard yachts will relate to this, using the antennas with coax cables is often a huge source of problem. With Meridian router, everything is in one place and there’s no signal loss, corroded cables, and constant need for monitoring. If you add increased internet speed, reliability, and fantastic support, this solution makes a huge difference, for everyone onboard.

This season was the first one with the new router, and after 6 months I can report much less issues, less times I need to use VSAT, and overall Owner and guests are happy with the performance of our internet onboard. I am glad we made this upgrade.

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