DOME System – Panel


Component of a DOME system

Panel is a part, not a complete system. A control router is required to operate the panels.

Panels are the main parts in the DOME systems. A panel can also be used to upgrade either a DOME system to include more modems/antennas, or to upgrade M1 or M2 rugged.

  • Modem: One 5G modem with 1 push-pull SIM slot (Nano, 4FF)
  • Antennas: 4 omnidirectional wide band antenna modules (600MHz-6Ghz, peak gain 5dBi), arranged orthogonally in pairs to achieve 4×4 MiMo
  • Antenna layout: Slim design on the antenna section to fit tight VSAT domes as well, e.g. Intellian V60
  • Dimensions in mm: 300 x 146 x 29.7
  • Weight: 800g
  • Material: Polyester resin and ABS plastic
  • Operating temperature: Heatsink to allow for up to 75°C operations
  • Connectors: USB-C connector for USB-3.2 data bus and auxiliary power
  • Power: DC 5V/3A (provided over USB-C from the control router)
  • Mounting: vertical or horizontal, but not flat

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