M Routers Upgrade options

M Routers

Upgrade Options

For cases when a more affordable version is needed you can opt for an M router and later upgrade it with a panel or two, when the budget allows. You can also do an initial installation of an M router with one or two panels included so you can take advantage of both – the existing antenna set up and the unique features of the Meridian panels.

Rugged versions of our M routers are usually installed above deck. Such installations can be upgraded with a panel (up to 2 panels possible), typically installed inside an existing VSAT or TVRO dome.

The following criteria has to be met for the upgrade to be possible:

  • Distance: a panel has to be installed within 2 meter distance from the M router
  • Panel Mounting: panels can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, but not flat
  • Mounting bracket: will be provided, you can find more info about brackets here
  • Cabling required: cable to connect the panel is a USB 3.2 cable with USB-C connector
  • Operating temperature: -40° to +75°C
  • Optional: SIM extender can be added

Remarks: 360° non-blocked horizontal line of sight recommended

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