DOME System – SIM Extender

SIM extender

Component of a DOME system

Optional SIM extender is available for the DOME systems (or Panel upgraded systems) so SIM cards can be conveniently changed below deck. It does not require any extra cables (uses the same ethernet cable as for the user data).

  • Dimensions: Height 1U, Width 19″, Depth 30cm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Mounting: Rack mount
  • Power: 100 to 240VAC
  • Operating temperature: 10°-40°C, non condensing
  • Cabling required: connected to the dome system via the same ethernet cable as for the user data
  • Options available: 16 SIM slot, 64 SIM slot

Download technical specifications

SIM Extender