Installation Examples


Installation examples inside
existing VSAT / TVRO domes

M/Y 163m

M/Y 163m has been a Meridian client using our systems for more than 6 years now. The boat just upgraded to our new DOME router while in the yard.


M/Y Luna

M/Y Luna (115m) installed Meridian 5G DOME Panel Version on request of the Owner. The AVITs onboard did an excellent job researching 4G/5G equipment options available to make an educated choice.

M/Y Ragnar

The explorer yacht M/Y Ragnar installed our X4 DOME Panel Version route inside their VSAT dome ahead of its presentation at the Monaco yacht week and made available for charter. 4G and upcoming 5G is a very important point when it comes to choosing a yacht for charter.

M/Y Apostrophe

M/Y Apostrophe installed our X4 DOME Panel Version router and reported that they had coverage in Albania 75km offshore connecting to a WIND tower in Italy. At that distance they still had 50 Mbps down!

M/Y Illusion V

M/Y Illusion V successfully self-installed the Panel Version of the system inside their TVRO dome without interfering with the dish’s operation.

M/Y White Star

M/Y White Star installed the X4 DOME Panel Version system end of October in the port of Ventimiglia. The installation was done by our engineers.

M/Y Lady Jade

M/Y Lady Jade installed our 5G DOME router in Sardinia early July. The yacht doesnt use VSAT and relies solely on our system. The yacht reported they had coverage 46,3 NM offhsore that was good enough for emails and file downloads.

M/Y Siren

M/Y Siren installed our 5G DOME Standalone Version router in Croatia in June. They were getting speeds of 279 Mbps down / 130 up in the port of Dubrovnik.